Corbett River Creek

Corbett River Creek

Corbett Park

To talk about the Corbett tiger reserve, the beauty of it, is in its location. It is located between the Himalayan foothills in the North and the primordial Shivalik on the South. The Corbett Tiger Reserve encompasses 1300 square kilometers, ranging between 400-1200 meters above sea level. Nestled amongst the natural cradle of scrub, grass land, Sal forest, rivers and lakes, it is a beauty to be reckoned with.

The Corbett National Park has its origin way back in 1936. At the time of origin the park was called Hailey National Park, after Sir William Hailey, who was the Governor of United Province. He was known about his endeavor for keeping the area free of timber felling, converting forest to farm lands, and poachers.

In later times this park went through a thorough transformation under Jim Corbett. He is inscribed in the pages of history as the legendary hunter who turned into a conservationist. An ally to the Kumauni community, he was the one to draw the park’s boundary. Hailey National Park was rechristened in his name to Corbett National Park.

The rain fed Ramganga River enters the Corbett National Park from the north east and forms a reservoir in the midst. This park is the sanctuary for the rarest of the breed of flora and fauna giving you an unparalleled lesson in biological diversity equivalent to very few places in the world.

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