Corbett River Creek

Corbett River Creek

Recreational Facilities

The resort provides ultimate in recreational facilities in the midst of the jungle. The following services are provided in Corbett River Creek Resort & Spa -

In house Activities :

The Fun Zone : Activity Room For Kids With Indoor Games as Pool, Table Tennis And Other Board Games including Chess, Carom & Playing Cards. Both children and adult would be having a ball of a time at the Fun Zone with interactive board games keeping them engaged in the free period

The Swimming Pool with a masseuse who would be available round the clock for your rejuvenation.

Outdoor Activities :

Once with us just sit back and relax as we will organize various services for you to do to experience the jungle and wildlife to the fullest as you take on various activities such as:

  • 1. Nature Walks
  • 2. Cricket
  • 3. Beach Volleyball
  • 4. Badminton
  • 5. Angling
  • 6. Adventure Activities like
    • i) Rock Climbing
    • ii) Rappelling
    • iii) River Crossing
    • iv) Flying Fox
    • v) Burma‚Äôs Bridge
  • 7. Bird Watching
  • 8. Enjoy mountain biking
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