Corbett River Creek

Corbett River Creek


The Corbett National Park is the refuge to one of the large biological diversity in the whole world. Though the biggest appeal to travelers and wild life enthusiasts are the tigers and the Asiatic elephant, the reserve is the sanctuary for more than 50 other species of mammals. You might get glimpse of the carnivorous yellow throated Marten, or the legendary Himalayan leaf nosed bat.

Some of the noteworthy mammals which are found in the vicinity include the sloth bear and the black bear, otters, jackals, the Indian pangolin, civets, leopard, jungle cat, leopard cat and the fishing cat, four species of deer and three of antelope.

More than 30 species of reptiles inhabits the creeks and swamps of the Corbett national park including both the Maggar and Gharial species of crocodiles. Seven species of amphibians along with seven species of fishes including the tiger of Indian rivers are found in the waters of the parks.

Corbett is the nest to more than 600 registered species of birds which makes the park to greatest number of birds in the country. As the park is located in the migratory route, it is a stopover for many passage migrants. The differing altitude becomes the melting pot for the aviary community.

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